New World

When I lay down and stare at the clouds thru my window, one of the many things I think about is why are people so selfish with each other? They want to dictate, rule, dominate, be the strongest amongs. All these names and reasons they make up to try to justifie their selfishness, we create so much chaos, war with weapons to terrorize another flesh and soul just because of a disagreement or a belief that Could’ve easily been resolved over a table somewhere by the beach or something nice like that but instead we let our emotions get the best of us and fail to rationalize. Still we try to convince ourselves that we are civilized people. We grow up with the implanted morals that greed and envy is part of our human nature and money is the only source for true laughter, so we’ll do anything to get it, we forget what it is like to really live life and be happy. Our happiest moments are when we were kids ironically we had no money then, we were just running wild and living life to the fullest. This world would of been a better place if we helped each other, we would’ve achieved better things